To provide quality and affordable healthcare solutions


To be the most preferred solutions provider in every segment we play in and for every product or service we offer.


Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd – a company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with interest in clinical diagnostics, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals – has the mission of becoming one of Nigeria’s most reputable healthcare solutions provider. We will achieve this by focusing on our unmet healthcare needs and bringing into Nigeria global best practices which are not only innovative and relevant but also affordable. Our corporate culture is predicated on our core values of: Tenacity; Excellence; Respect for people and Integrity (T-E-R-I). Partnership is at the heart of our strategy. We need you to achieve this novel mission. Welcome to our world.



Next generation of affordable laboratory testing and point of care devices with top notch after sales services.

Gabriel Ofem

A leading name in the healthcare system. Top notch services, Innovative range of products too.

Harrison E

This organization is probably one of the best that I have ever been to. Great services, various procedures, affordable cost and, of course, highly professional staff. Thank you for the amazing job that you do for your clients!

Ogbodo Vitus

Sickle Cell Day Celebration