About Hemex Health

This video, produced by the Oregon Lottery and Business Oregon, showcases the Hemex company mission and our Gazelle Diagnostic Device. Hemex received an Enhanced Innovation Grant from Business Oregon, which is funded through the Oregon Lottery.

Reimagining SCD in India: EXPERT CONCLAVE

Enjoy this recording of the live World Sickle Cell Day webinar supported by HemexDx! Skip to around 2:14:00 to watch our partner, Dr. Umut Gurkan of Case Western Reserve University, give his lecture on the progress in diagnosis of SCD in India. Then see moderator, Dr. Prashant Khadke from HemexDx, host a panel session on the need for a cloud-based, disease tracking system for SCD in India beginning at ~2:50:00.

Collaboration with Novartis Biome

Patrice Matchaba (Novartis) and Patti White (Hemex Health) explain how the working together with the Novartis Biome has accelerated the development of a new point of care diagnostic for Sickle Cell disease.

Interview with HemexDx, Managing Director

Poornima Kumar, Managing Director for HemexDx, discusses Gazelle with the India Health Fund