• Providesfast accurate results for electrolytes, ionized calcium and pH.
  • Runs samples ofwhole bloodplasma and serum.
  • Uses innovative optical technology.
  • Requires minimal maintenance—no fluids or electrodes.


  • Lab-quality results

The OPTI LION™ Electrolyte Analyzer provides lab-quality results with zero standby cost. The single-use consumable is only used during a measurement and safely locks waste inside.

  • Low maintenance

The innovative optical fluorescence technology of the OPTI LION analyzer eliminates electrodes, and its unique sensor construction prevents lipid/protein build-up. In addition, the single-use cassette does not require a fluidics system, eliminating tubing maintenance.

  • Reusable controls

The OPTI LION analyzer has reusable quality-control cassettes to eliminate the cost associated with performing daily liquid quality control.

  • Measured pH and ionized calcium along with sodium, potassium and chloride

The OPTI LION analyzer measures pH and ionized calcium in the same single-use cartridge that also measures sodium, potassium and chloride simultaneously, providing a more complete picture of the patient’s status.


The OPTI LION™ Electrolyte Analyzer uses ready-to-use single-use cassettes that let you test for a range of parameters:

Cassette Tests
E-Plus pH, Na+, K+, Cl, Ca++
E-Ca pH, Ca++
E-Lytes Na+, K+, Cl