Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd made more in-roads with Biroad HPLC Sytems

Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd has made more in-roads into the Nigeria market with Biorad’s HPLC Systems for glycated hemoglobin testing and screening for hemoglobinopathies. Recently Pinecrest supplied and installed D-10 (HPLC) Systems to two centers in Nigeria. These are:

a . Safety Molecular Pathology Laboratory – Enugu – Enugu State – completed in January 2013

  1. Federal Medical Center Umuahia – Abia State – completed in April 2013.

Also Pinecrest successfully completed the supply and installation of two Variant 11 (HPLC) systems to two centers in Nigeria. They are:

a. Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training, University College Hospital, Ibadan.

b. Binghan University Medical Center – Nasarawa State.

In addition to the supply and installation of the HPLC systems, Pinecrest also trained the personnel who will use the systems in all the centers where they were installed.