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Pinecrest Healthcare ltd, in partnership with Biorad laboratories USA, successfully completed the supply and installation of Variant nbs (HPLC) Systems to four federal tertiary care centers across Nigeria. The centers are:

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Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd participates in Medic West Africa Health fair

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Pinecrest completes the supply and installation of Variant nbs (HPLC) System to 2 additional centers in Nigeria

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Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd made more in-roads with Biroad HPLC Sytems

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Pinecrest Healthcare – partnership with Biorad Laboratories – sponsored this year’s world sickle cell day celebration.

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Hemolyzer 3 Pro

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The Hemolyzer® 3 Pro takes the 3 part WBC differential analysis a step further.
The compact high quality solution provides results within 45 seconds. Built on reliable and accurate impedance and photometric technology, the system is designed to be operated with minimal maintenance and being easy-to-use. The sophisticated multilingual operator software is featured on a full color LCD touch-screen, which guides the user through the intuitive menu. The Hemolyzer® 3 Pro provides a 20-parameter cell blood count including a 3-part WBC differential at a throughput of 80 samples per hour. The Hemolyzer® 3 Pro is the perfect fit to the needs in laboratories, clinics and doctor’s offices.

Key Features and Functions.

· Easy to use interface on a large color, high contrast LCD touch screen which allows easy monitoring of the results with 3 large and clearly interpretable histograms

· High throughput of 80 samples per hour (results within 45 seconds)

· Whole blood aspiration volume is only 25 µl

· Minimal maintenance due to a reliable system that enables a self diagnostic function

· Automatic cleaning of the fluidic systems from dust particles with every start-up

· Automatic clogging prevention of the apertures by applying high voltage pulses after each measuring cycle

· Uses only 3 reagents (cyanide-free)

· Full quality control management system including Levy-Jennings diagrams

· Up to 10,000 results, including histograms, are stored in the database

· Automatic monitoring of reagent status

· Minimal footprint saves precious laboratory and bench space

· Robust system requires minimal maintenance

· The sample is aspirated inside the analyzer, which guarantees maximal hygiene by practically excluding the risk of injuries and infectious diseases for the user

· Easy to use user interface on a large color, high contrast LCD touchscreen

· Optional external bar code reader minimize data entry error and enables rapid data processing.

· In addition also the QC values are available to be entered by barcode reader

· Built-in thermal printer. Optional an external printer (HP printer) can be connected

· The instrument can be interfaced with a host computer via USB B