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Pinecrest Healthcare ltd, in partnership with Biorad laboratories USA, successfully completed the supply and installation of Variant nbs (HPLC) Systems to four federal tertiary care centers across Nigeria. The centers are:

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Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd participates in Medic West Africa Health fair

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Pinecrest completes the supply and installation of Variant nbs (HPLC) System to 2 additional centers in Nigeria

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Pinecrest Healthcare Ltd made more in-roads with Biroad HPLC Sytems

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Pinecrest Healthcare – partnership with Biorad Laboratories – sponsored this year’s world sickle cell day celebration.

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Technical Specifications

Small Sample Module (SSM)

Following a strong market demand, Analyticon is pleased to announce the introduction of a new optional feature for your Hemolyzer® 5 analyzers – the Small Sample Module (SSM). With this module only 25 μl of venous blood is aspirated to perform a 5-part differential count as opposed to the 110 μl required for a standard test and it only requires a total sample volume of 250 μl in an appropriate sample collection tube. The SSM can be used in the open vial mode only and it does take a little longer to perform the analysis as compared to a sample test conducted in the normal mode (80 sec. vs. 60 sec.). The SSM can be factory installed. If required, this option should be confirmed when placing any new orders for your Hemolyzer® 5. Alternatively, it can be installed by an approved service engineer to any existing Hemolyzer® 5. Aspirated sample only 25 μl (standard 110 μl)

· Automatic internal sample pre-dilution before measurement

· Validated for use with 3 tube types-BD Microtainer MAP, Sarstedt-Monovette and vacutainer

· Provides precise results on diluted samples

· Similar measurement principles as standard venous blood method

· SSM module can easily be added to analyzers in the field

· Minimal additional maintenance required





CBC+5 DIFF mode (24 parameters)


Laser light scatter technology for 5-Part WBC differential


Up to 60 tests/hour

Sample volume

100 µl (open/closed, whole blood)

Sampling methode

Closed and open tube sampling, auto-sampler


Manual and automatic modes, specific control material

Quality control

Separate QC database, Levy-Jennings Charts

User languages

Multilingual user interface

Data storage capacity

100.000 records


External, Micorosoft Windows compatible printers


RS232, USB (4 pcs), Ethernet


400 x 450 x 500 mm (WxDxH)


35 kg, with auto-sampler 45 kg

Operating environment

Temperature: 15-35 °C, relative humidity: max 14-80%


100 tubes: 10 racks with 10 tube capacity