The system is designed for high volume, featuring positive specimen identification, LIS interface, and complete, ready-to-use test kits for precise, accurate results.

This multi-analyte system requires no sample preparation and very little hands-on time by the operator. The sampling station accepts bar-coded primary specimen tubes, reads the bar code, samples from the closed tube and dilutes and injects the specimen into the chromatographic station for analysis. Results are processed by Bio-Rad’s Clinical Data Management Software™ (CDM), which can interface with the laboratory information system (LIS) for real-time data transmission and superior data management. Bio-Rad provides complete assay kits for analysis of HbA1c and β-thalassemia on the VARIANT II analyzer.

Designed to the highest standards, the VARIANT II system is NGSP-certified, CE marked to meet the European IVD Directive and anchored to the Diabetes Control and Complication Trial (DCCT) reference study and the IFCC Reference Method.



The VARIANT™ II Hemoglobin A1c Program Reorder Pack is a fully automated assay using HPLC technology to deliver precise and accurate HbA1c results. The kit offers many enhanced attributes such as the ability to report HbA1c in the presence of HbS, HbC, HbD, and HbE traits. HbA1c results are also reportable in the presence of carbamylated Hb and labile A1c. The interchangeability of buffers within a column resin lot simplifies workflow and an extended kit shelf life provides streamlined inventory management. The VARIANT II Hemoglobin A1c Program Reorder Pack is NGSP-certified, correlates to the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) reference study, is CE marked to meet the European IVD Directive and anchored to the IFCC Reference Method.


The VARIANT II™ Beta-Thalassemia Short Program Reorder Pack offers fully automated, multi-analyte β-thalassemia testing for increased laboratory productivity and accuracy. Each 6.5-minute assay provides simultaneous, quantitative results for percent HbA2 and HbF while detecting the most commonly occurring abnormal hemoglobin variants.

One VARIANT II assay can replace three manual assays in the laboratory. The instrument accepts capped primary whole blood tubes, allows through-cap piercing, and provides true walk-away operation. Both percent HbA2 and HbF results are calibrated for the highest levels of precision and accuracy.



Reagents and supplies for 800 hemoglobin A1C test or 500 hemoglobin A2/F (Beta-Thalassemia) tests





Assayed, lyophilized human whole blood based control for monitoring procedures for measurements of Hb variants A2, F, and S; bilevel (4 x 0.5 mL).

Assayed, lyophilized human whole blood based control for monitoring HbA1, A1C, F and Total Glycated Hb fractions for diabetes; bilevel (6 x 0.5 mL)