Hemolyzer 5


Hemolyzer 5 is the advanced solution in 5-Part-differential hematology. The instrument uses well established methods such as impedance and photometric measurements as well as an innovative optical measurement (laser-based scattering technology) in order to guarantee precise and accurate 24 parameter complete blood count profile including 5-part WBC differential results. The autoloader unit enables a walk-away automation of closed tube sampling, including cap-recognition and cap piercing, with a capacity of 100 vials at a throughput of 60 samples per hour.
The Small Sample Module is an accessory part which allows to test patient samples having only 25 µl sample volume


Reliable and accurate

· Results are displayed on 2 histograms and 2 scattergrams

· More than 100,000 results, including histograms, are stored in the database

· Improved diagnostic flagging system

· Full quality control management system including Levey-Jennings diagrams

· Closed and open tube sampling is supported

· closed tube sampling with cap piercing and cap-recognition mechanism

Easy-to-use and agile

· The Hemolyzer® 5 features smart software on a large color touchscreen which is intuitive, easy-to-use and straightforward

· Automatic monitoring of reagent status

· Robust system requiring minimal laboratory space and minimal maintenance

· 4 USB ports; Windows® compatible printers are supported

· Integrated bar code reader eliminates data entry error and enables rapid data processing

· Addition of Autoloader unit is possible at any time and will be automatically recognized by the software

Efficient and affordable

· Intelligent and solid design provides maximum value at low running costs

· Throughput of 60 samples per hour (STAT & Rack mode)

· STAT measurement can be started anytime by pushing the start button on the front panel with minimal interruption of routine workflow

· Walk-away automation using the autoloader with a capacity of 100 vials

· Optimized workflow increases productivity and reduces hands-on-time

· Uses only 3 reagents (cyanide-free)

· Reduced daily routine improves efficiency

· Long-lifetime laser diode ensuring optimal performance using a high-tech flow cuvette