An extensive range of quality controls covering analytes for immunoassay, TDM, chemistry, cardiac assessment, immunology, diabetes, coagulation, hematology, blood gas, drugs-of-abuse, and infectious disease testing

Products in this Category includes:

Immunoassay Controls

Controls that enable monitoring the precision of immunoassays, including those for therapeutic drugs and for hypertension, fertility, and tumor markers

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Controls

Human based controls covering a wide variety of analytes at subtherapeutic, therapeutic and toxic levels to monitor the precision of therapeutic drug testing procedures

Serum Chemistry Controls

Choose from assayed and unassayed controls suitable for monitoring precision of both general and special serum chemistry tests. 2D Barcodes with Vista values now available for Liquid Assayed Multiqual Control at

Urine Chemistry Controls

Controls with a range of analytes, including pregnancy markers and Microalbumin, to monitor the precision of a variety of general and specific urine chemistry testing methods

Urinalysis Controls

Products offering optional peer group reports for use as urinalysis controls to evaluate the precision of dipstick and microscopic testing procedures

Cardiac Assessment Controls

For monitoring the precision of cardiac assessment tests, select from liquid controls containing analytes at various levels

Immunology/Protein Controls

Products designed to monitor the precision of proteins and other analyte test methods, including markers for autoimmune diseases

Diabetes/Hemoglobin Controls

Use these human whole blood based controls to assess the assay precision in various instruments for diabetes monitoring and measurement of hemoglobin variants

Coagulation Controls

For coagulation testing, Bio-Rad offers a coagulation control, a hemostasis control, and a D-dimer control suitable for most instruments

Hematology Controls

For monitoring the precision of hematology test procedures, these controls contain blood parameters at various levels

Blood Gas Controls

Several controls are offered to monitor measurement of a variety of blood gases and other analytes in blood, including pCO2 and pO2, pH, and electrolyte levels

Drugs-of-Abuse Controls

A comprehensive family of multi-analyte, human urine based controls designed to monitor the precision of screening, semi-quantitative, and confirmatory drugs-of-abuse test procedures

Specialty Controls

Specialty controls to monitor the precision of test procedures that detect the presence of metals and volatiles in urine or blood, bone markers, and endocrine markers (catecholamines)

Molecular Controls

Controls to facilitate the monitoring of test precision for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, including molecular amplification of samples

Infectious Disease Controls

A broad selection of controls designed to monitor assay precision of hepatitis, retrovirus, sexually transmitted disease, congenital disease, and other infectious disease testing