Variant nbs System


The VARIANTnbs is the established worldwide standard in automated newborn screening for sickle cell disease and other hemoglobin disorders. It features fully automated analysis and advanced result reporting for maximum efficiency. Using dried blood spot specimens, the VARIANTnbs identifies the most clinically significant hemoglobin variants, including hemoglobins F, S, A, C, D and E, as well as the carrier status for abnormal hemoglobin variants and many double-heterozygote conditions. The VARIANTnbs provides the total hemoglobin picture.

The VARIANTnbs is specifically designed for high-capacity screening and walk-away automation, reducing labor requirements and human error. Load up to three systems per workstation and up to 1,128 samples per run. Smart reports with optional pattern rules simplify data review while providing objective, accurate results. A flexible worklist import function eliminates file incompatibility issues. Reviewing and managing results is simple with electronic chromatogram storage and retrieval.

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