Parameters 22 parameters including 3-part WBC differential: WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRA#, LYM%, MID%, GRA%, RBC, MCV, HCT, HGB, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PCT, PDW-CV, PDW-SD (Research parameters P-LCC and P-LCR)
Measuring principle Volumetric impedance method and LED  based photometry
Throughput Up to 80 tests/hour
Sample volume 25 µl of whole blood; 50 µl in pre-diluted mode
Sampling method Open tube
Calibration Manual or automatic
Quality control 6 QC lots, Levy-Jennings charts
User languages Multilingual user interface
Data storage capacity Max. 10,000 records including histograms
Printout “Easy Paper Operation” thermal printer
Interfaces USB
Size 320 x 260 x 365 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 12 kg
Operating environment Temperature: 15-30 °C, relative humidity: max 85%